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LAST CHANCE: 2013-2016 RAM Cummins w/DEF Duramileage Power Module

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Horsepower Options


  • Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers!
  • 3-5 MPG Increase ='s 100 more miles tank fuel
  • 30-60-90 Horsepower for "keeping" heavy loads moving
  • 120+ ft lbsTorque for "getting" heavy loads moving
  • Snap it in to factory wire-harness and GO!
  • Warranty Friendly . Leaves  NO TRACE on ECM 
  • Requires NO additional modifications

It's time to stop being frustrated with less than optimal fuel economy on your expensive diesel pickup.

Yes its true… there truly is proven SAFE and WARRANTY FRIENDLY way to increase your diesel’s fuel economy and towing ability without the hype, hazards, and hidden costs associated with most diesel chips and delete kits.

The fact is, ten’s of thousands of hard-working diesel truck owners just like you are now experiencing incredible money saving fuel mileage gains and more towing power because they upgraded their trucks with the easy to install Duramileage Power Module.

So effective is Duramileage at giving you both optimal fuel mileage and power gains, that it makes other performance products nearly obsolete with its 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

The Duramileage Module was specifically developed for the diesel truck owner who is frustrated with their fuel mileage, but don’t want to void their warranty reprogramming the factory computer or installing expensive delete kits.

The price is affordable for most any budget and easy enough for anyone to install. If you are frustrated with less than optimal fuel mileage… you now have a solution!

If you are daily driving or going cross country, 100 EXTRA miles per tank of fuel adds up fast when it comes to money in your wallet. Stopping less to fuel up makes traveling more enjoyable and more affordable when you are saving $20 for every $100 in fuel. (up to 20% MPG increase)

The Number One reason customers install the Duramileage is for fuel savings, but having up to an additional 90 horsepower (140 ft/lbs torque) makes for a more responsive truck when towing heavy loads. You can now get heavy loads moving faster and keep them moving faster on steep grades with less downshifting. (faster turbo spool gets you through intersections quicker)

The Duramileage Module is a “plug and play” diesel performance product suitable for today’s hi-tech diesel engines.  Engineered with advanced digital-microprocessor technology, Duramileage simply plugs into your factory wire-harness with OEM style plugs and helps manages your engine’s fuel delivery with precise electronic control of injection pressure.

This proven diesel technology began with the arrival of the Common-Rail and works to maximize the air/fuel mixture to improve atomization of injected fuel. When your engine burns fuel more efficiently you get greater volumes of energy during combustion. The bottom line is you are get superior power and torque gains as well as, money saving fuel mileage improvements, cleaner emissions and longer engine life.

Duramileage Module gives you proven results with the “best of both worlds”. You get incredible money-saving benefits of better fuel economy and an amazing engine performance increase and at the same time! Instead of being frustrated with your diesel, simply upgrade it with a Duramileage Module and get the fuel mileage increase, and first-class towing power gains you deserve.

  Right now add the Duramileage Power Module to your Cart and start experiencing for yourself what thousands of hard working Powerstroke, Cummins and Duramax diesel owners are already enjoying.

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